Hennessee Floyd Foundation
The dental clinic on the lower level of the visitors' home was started in the year 2000. Dentists from the US spend one or two weeks treating the residents at the School of the Americas and the Children's Home.
Casa Hogar
Anibal and Nely Cedeno are full-time houseparents for seventy orphans at the Children's Home. The children are being raised in a Christian environment and have a good future in the Lord's church.
Escuela Biblica de Las Americas
Young men and their families come from all over Latin America to live on campus at the Bible School of the Americas. A two-year preacher training program sends ministers and their familes back home to serve.
Information Center
Learn more about Latin American Missions and how you can be a part of this great work.
Dr Moses
Dr Moses works in Nigeria Africa. He and his family are devoted to spreading God's word to the people in the Obong area.
Lads to Leaders
Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes is a geat program to get your children and yourself iinvolved in.
Our Vision
See what we are planning and our goals for the future.
Hennessee Floyd Foundation

The Hennessee Floyd Foundation was founded in 1990. The purpose of this foundation is to
continue helping in teaching and funding preachers in foreign countries, building church
buildings, taking care of needy children and helping individuals to go to foreign countries to
teach God's word.

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